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CSX funds follow up research on tree biomass carbon metrics

CSX is delighted to see the publication of the pre-cursor scientific research that our BEAMS (Biocarbon Europe: Advancing Measurement Standard) project on tree biomass carbon is based upon.

CSX has privately funded Professor Kim Calders and his team at Ghent University to expand the scope of his initial study on Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire.  Through CSX, this significant research now covers a comprehensive range of tree species, ages and location across the whole of the UK and into continental Europe.

This work underpins the techniques and models CSX have further developed and now use to convert drone based earth observation of trees and woodland into the volume and carbon metrics provided to our clients.

Through the use of these techniques CSX is able to produce a more detailed assessment of trees than the traditional forestry mensuration techniques allow for.  See attached image of an oak in County Durham.

Read the scientific paper

Biomass Carbon analysis of Durham Oak Tree

Biomass carbon analysis of an oak tree in Durham.






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