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Data gathering on the CSX Carbon BEAMS project, Biocarbon Europe: Advancing Measurement Standard, has commenced within carbon observatories operated by the company.  BEAMS is a key scientific research programme with University of Ghent and University of Oxford to improve the quantification of carbon in temperate forestry above ground biomass.

The precursor study to this project presented the first full 3D analysis of above ground biomass (AGB) and carbon stocks in a well-understood temperate deciduous UK forest derived using non-destructive terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) technology. Alarmingly, results indicate that this forest contains nearly twice as much biomass (and hence carbon) as previously thought.

CSX Carbon are therefore now leading the development of a privately funded follow-on research programme to better inform the quantification of forest above ground biomass carbon, initially in UK and European forests.

Key outcomes

This work will address several knowledge gaps in the scientific assessment of Above Ground Biomass across the UK and European forests and bring confidence to forest carbon stock estimates being reported through both compliance and voluntary trading mechanisms:

Outcome 1:        Better quantified estimates (with measurement uncertainty) of AGB (carbon stock) for managed forest and rewilding carbon observatory sites.

Outcome 2:        Testing and comparison of the robustness of different AGB measurement devices (scientific and commercial) and analytical techniques.

Outcome 3:        Development of Quality Assurance standards in the form of good practice guidance for the collection and estimation of AGB from different measurement devices and techniques, including integration with EO data from drones and satellites.

Outcome 4:        Inform a new mechanism for estimating carbon stock data from an array of techniques and EO data sources, that can be used with confidence for reporting, trading and informing future policy.

TLS Scanning within a carbon observatory woodland

TLS scanning within a carbon observatory woodland.

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