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Whilst the Government’s recent announcement of a ‘delay’ to the launch of BNG has caused expressions of concern and disappointment in some quarters, we at CSX do not believe it will make significant difference to the commencement of actions on the ground. Government have announced that their finalised guidance will be issued this November, with the policy to go live in January 2024.  Ostensibly this is a two month delay in the implementation of the BNG from the previously indicated date.

What we’re seeing on the ground, and in the market, is that land owners are now bringing projects forward.  Furthermore, Local Planning Authorities are actively engaging with putting a delivery mechanism in place. We are not seeing these activities changing as a result of the Government announcement, with all parties knowing that they need to get ready for delivering BNG.  The successful implementation of BNG being key to keeping planning applications and then building work going.

CSX are supporting a rapidly increasing number of BNG projects, and are engaging with a growing number of LPAs to put in place the Section 106 agreements that will be needed to enable the supply of BNG units. BNG trades are progressing through the review and discussion of the legal contracts needed to make them happen, and we see 2024 being an incredibly exciting year for the growth in delivery of Nature Based Solutions.

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