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Our purpose here at CSX is to connect land managers with businesses, so together we can deliver Nature Based Solutions to accelerate the fight against the climate crisis. Our vision incorporates supporting the environmental and economic sustainability of rural land enterprises, by empowering land managers to obtain a fair financial return for environmental management and businesses transparent, verified carbon & biodiversity credits.

Our expanding team supporting delivery of this purpose and vision is delighted to have welcomed two new members, Rhian Trueman and Emily Leech.

Following completion of her Masters degree in Ocean Sciences at University of Liverpool Rhian was looking to join an innovative company, where she can put her communication and analytical skills into practice whilst making a positive difference by encouraging Nature Based Solutions to mitigate climate change.

Rhian has quickly familiarised herself with several of CSX’s workstreams, supporting the team analysing carbon models and field data on woodlands and peatlands as the initial priority.  The addition of Rhian to the team has enabled us to scale up our activities on assessment of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors on a range of Natural Capital indicators.

Our field trials and data analysis on IoT sensors monitoring for example soil gas fluxes, water table and moisture levels in a range of environments, along with acoustic sensors to monitor biodiversity as represented by bird life will now be expanding quicker as this becomes the focus of Rhian’s activities with CSX.

Emily Leech has joined CSX after finishing her A levels, with human geography being her passion.  Being a naturally adept communicator, and with a farming family background, Emily is already making a significant impact on how we take farmers and land owners on the journey of considering land use change for environmental benefit.

Emily’s confidence in how the new CSX online user platform is easy to use, and can help farmers better understand the process and their options, will enable her to calmly assist farmers and land owners through what may, for some, be a daunting process of change in the coming months and years.

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