Responsible. Traceable. Evidence based.

Cutting-edge natural capital management.

CSX are developing innovative data analysis systems to enable landowners to receive a fair return from a change to ecological land management.

These systems also enable businesses to independently verify their climate actions.

Drone surveying landscape

Platform launch Spring 2023

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Generate revenue from ecological land management

One simple, cost-effective platform allows you to plan, monitor, and track sustainable interventions on your land over the long-term and easily bring your carbon to market.


Take charge of your climate action with transparency and verifiability.

No more concerns about greenwashing. The carbon offsets you buy come with an audit trail that has integrity and structure so you can be confident you’re meeting your climate commitments.

How it all works

The CSX platform enables long term monitoring and evaluation of carbon and biodiversity projects, and links sellers directly with buyers.

Tell us about your land

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Get to market

Connects farmers and land managers to buyers looking for auditable carbon.

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Purchase from verified sellers, get updates, and even visit your investment.

Why change?

The current approach to offsetting was defined and implemented many years ago, coming out of the Clean Development Mechanism created by the Kyoto Protocol. It was a good first step in encouraging businesses to address their emissions, but was not designed for the level of demand or accuracy the world needs in its fight against the climate emergency.

Outdated calculations

Current UK Above Ground Biomass (AGB) industry practice calculations are based on 1950s algorithm and 1960s data.

Too expensive

Due to its manual nature, the current method of measurement lacks cost-effective scalability.

Not accurate enough

Verification mechanisms are based on manual, small scale sampling with low levels of accuracy.

CSX Machine Learning on processed drone data.

Our cutting-edge processes make measuring carbon faster, easier, and cheaper.

Our scientific programme makes it much, much more accurate

In the old days you sent a forester out into the woods to measure a few trees at chest height, then extrapolated that carbon sequestration calculation to an entire forest.

We do things a little differently.

We’re the first company in the UK to make accessible the technical infrastructure that businesses and landowners need to measure carbon and other natural capital with increasing accuracy.

We use drones to take high-resolution photos, then feed that imagery into our sophisticated machine learning and analysis tools to produce much more precise picture of your carbon.

Our background gives us a deep understanding of land management

Co-founders Andy Howard and Edward Milbank both live in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and have a passionate interest in protecting and improving biodiversity and the environment.

Edward was raised on Barningham Estate and has been involved in the management of upland habitats and woodlands for much of his life. Andy is well known throughout the forestry sector, having developed some of the UK’s most ambitious woodland projects and advising Government on the development of tree planting initiatives in England.

“As land owners and environmental stewards, we are committed to advancing knowledge in the measurement of carbon across local landscapes and defining measurement, monitoring and verification standards that can be adopted widely.”

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