We’re delivering a trusted, science-led approach to carbon measurement.

CSX’s purpose is to help develop a trusted carbon market, offering land managers a fair return for environmental management and businesses a transparent, verified carbon offset.

CSX was established in January 2020 by Andy Howard and Edward Milbank, entrepreneurial land managers and woodland creators, frustrated by the existing voluntary carbon market mechanisms. They saw that new technologies could be integrated and utilised to deliver integrity to the scaling of private sector investment into Nature Based Solutions.

Brexit meant the loss of the CAP funding mechanism, and the focus shifting towards habitat restoration. Andy and Edward recognised that land managers could use technology to collect and analyse the data necessary to provide an accurate measurement of carbon sequestration. Moreover, that same data could provide corporates with the audit and verification necessary to underpin an ESG investment.

Meet the team

Andy Howard

CEO and Co-Founder

Andy's early career encompassed insurance underwriting, and then 15 years in the packaging industry, where he ultimately became the Sales Director for the main supplier of own brand tapes into the UK retail sector. Andy’s packaging industry career included responsibility for accounts such as Coca-Cola, Hovis and Nestle, and restructuring and managing the UK operations of a Dutch multi-national company. Since 2011 (together with Edward Milbank) he has been the co-Founder & Director of Pennine Biomass Ltd, Pennine Enterprises Ltd & Pennine Forestry Ltd. This group of companies has led the way in transforming the implementation of commercial afforestation projects in England, and Andy has been directly involved in informing DEFRA and Government on the development of tree planting initiatives in England. CSX was born from the founders’ experience of seeing inefficiencies in the current carbon market, and identifying an opportunity to help accelerate the drive towards a greener economy. CSX provides the technical infrastructure that businesses and landowners need to measure carbon and other natural capital accurately from Earth Observation data. We help our partners make important ecological decisions with certainty and confidence by providing a verifiable audit trail. The data we can provide on carbon sequestration gives much needed reassurance to everyone involved. In short, CSX exists to help businesses and landowners take control over their climate action immediately and to provide integrity and structure to that process.
Photo of Ed Milbank

Edward Milbank

Director and Co-Founder

As trustee and the manager of the 7,000 acre Barningham Estate, Edward has extensive experience in the rural sector, including the management of peatlands and forestry. Since 2011, together with Andy Howard, he has been the co-Founder & Director of Pennine Biomass Ltd, Pennine Enterprises Ltd & Pennine Forestry Ltd. This group of companies has helped transform the implementation of commercial afforestation projects in England.

Since 2019 Edward has been engaged with DEFRA developing Environmental Land Management (ELM) through Test and Trials and with Natural England piloting Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). Edward is the chairman of the NE committee and sits on the Policy and Forestry & Woodland Committees of the Country Landowners Association (CLA).

Dr. Joanne Nightingale

Chief Scientific Officer

Joanne brings expertise in data mining and analysis for the development of logical information systems to manage and interpret impacts of environmental and climate change. This is through experience with practical use of remote sensing, environmental and social data for mapping and monitoring carbon across the land sector, and via extensive international engagement, leadership and coordination across forest, climate and earth observation programs.

Dr Nightingale obtained her Ph.D. in Geography and Remote Sensing from the University of Queensland in Australia and completed two post-doctoral research positions at universities within Canada and the United States. Joanne spent 8 years at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center championing the Satellite Land Product Validation Program prior to joining the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, where she continued developing operational frameworks and analysis tools for evaluating the quality and integrity of climate and environmental data for decision-making purposes.

Dr. Elliot Salisbury

Head of Technical Development

Elliot has a PhD in computer science and machine learning, since then has become an experienced Data scientist with a focus on green and ecofriendly projects. He has a background in machine learning and computer vision and his previous work has centered around extracting actionable insights from satellite and drone imagery, time series analysis, and building deployable and scalable AI systems for use in real world environments.

Marina Makri

Environmental and Technical Data Analyst

Marina works primarily on the acquisition and processing of LiDAR data from UAVs for extracting trees metrics. Part of her job is to participate in restoration projects of woodlands and peatlands for carbon sequestration. Marina holds two Master’s degrees in Forest and Nature Conservation, from Wageningen University, and in Ecological Consultancy from Newcastle University. She has experience in conducting field surveys and analyzing data.
Nick Maughan

Nick Maughan


Nick Maughan is a British businessman, investor and philanthropist.

He is the founder of Maughan Capital, which manages a diverse investment portfolio. Drawing on his expertise in risk and analytics, the fund invests in a wide range of companies and start-ups, mostly with a basis in data analysis, algorithmic modelling and emerging technologies.

The Nick Maughan Foundation is a charitable organisation which furthers a range of philanthropic initiatives in education, the environment and civic support schemes for disenfranchised communities. It’s flagship initiative is BoxWise.UK, a sporting social enterprise for young people.

Outside of the U.K. Nick is actively involved in funding and developing social infrastructure projects across Africa, including building schools and hospitals in Eastern Uganda. Nick is also a trustee of Tusk, the leading African wildlife conservation charity and a regular media commentator.

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